Yard Sale

Hope you all are in full swing of spring!!! Blooming flowers, banished clay cold claws of winter, spirit lifting scenes and what not!! It won't be surprising, if some of you have already started the process of cleaning out your clutters to swing into summer. Fore thoughtful women of St. Alphonsa mission is steering to conduct a "Church yard sale" in this summer for the first time ever. The hidden treasure behind this yard sale is the inspiration to raise fund to make our dream church come true. Your Junk is our treasure! We would gladly collect any gently used clothes,toys, electronics, jewelry, home decors, handbags, furnitures etc.. For you it may be collection of DVDs, closet full of clothes that no longer fits, shelves lined with books you have already read. As you go through your collected items, if something truly has so much sentimental value that you can't part with, make room to keep that item proudly in your home. To make the most money out of this event, we humbly request you to make sure the items you donate, are in good shape, and please wash or dust them off before you bring it to your unit yard sale representatives, on or before May 11th. Thanks in advance for your time and effort for the tedious job of sorting your items one by one. How beautiful it would be if each 'one of us can bring our own 'twigs' in our own 'little ways' to raise a 'nest' to worship the Lord Our God!! Expecting your generous contribution and wholehearted participation.

Yard sale organizing team.

Representatives for yard sale
St.Antony's- Sony Biju & Jeena Joseph
St.Joseph's- Mini Mathew & Jemy Bliss
St.Mary's - Priyanka Jose & Sona Pradeep
St Sebastian's - Sherly Sebastian, Cicy Jose, Bindu Joseph & Jino Felix